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Commercial Garden Maintenance

MD Landscaping And Lawns are for companies who wish to have their gardens immaculate at all times. Our Qualified staff member visits the property to assess it's individual garden maintenance needs. Taking into account the size of your garden combined with the amount of detail or “standard” that your corporation standards to maintain, then an appropriate schedule. If it has been a while since your garden has been maintained, an initial “Garden Clean Up” may be required. This is so that your garden can be restored to a level that can be maintained effectively. Your MD staff member will advise you if this is necessary.

•Packages may include:

•Hand weeding and cultivating of garden beds • Pruning and shaping of trees / shrubs

• Pest and disease control

• Fertilising of gardens and lawns

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• Irrigation system maintenance

• Hand & Ride on mowing and edging of lawns

• Rubbish removed i.e. branches, lawn clippings, weeds and leaves  Site tidy up i.e. sweep / blow pathways driveways / carparks

Creates a corporate image to customers that projects success, permanency and trust. Resulting in a strong "first impression" for prospective clients as well as competitors.

•Investing in maintaining and developing gardens adds value to your property overall.

•Landlords can attract better tenants and higher rental yields.

•Cost effective and looks superior to a garden that is cleaned up on an irregular basis. Regular maintenance gives the garden a chance to develop and mature into a thing of beauty.

•Creates a cheerful, restful atmosphere that is uplifting, stimulates life and interest.

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